We are pleased to provide white fillings at Dong Won Kim Family Dental Care to provide you with a dental restoration that is natural looking, durable, and safe for your health. White fillings are typically used to repair teeth that are decayed or fractured. Created from composite resin, your white filling will match the natural shade of your tooth for an aesthetic effect. Because of this, white fillings are also sometimes referred to as tooth-colored or composite fillings. The composite resin bonds with your original tooth structure, strengthening it and preventing further damage and decay in the future. In addition, composite resin contains no mercury or other potentially harmful materials, making white fillings an excellent choice for your overall health.

To place a white dental filling in Lawrence, Massachusetts, our caring dentists will remove the damaged or decayed portion of the tooth and clean the tooth. The composite resin is then placed on the tooth and sculpted to fit the shape of the tooth and the fit of the bite. Finally, Dr. Kim, Dr. Kim, and Dr. Jun harden the filling with a special light. We welcome you to contact our dental office today to learn more about white fillings and to schedule your next visit to our practice. We are eager to care for your smile!